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New Adventures in Hi-Def: iScan VP30 Video Upscaler Review

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

(So let’s make this obvious right off the bat – for as nerdy as this shit gets sometimes, I freely admit that this particular article is gonna get a little out there, so apologies in advance if this isn’t a subject any of you find particularly appealing. I still felt like it was information worth getting out there.)

Thanks to a recent Retronauts episode dealing with the pains of playing old video games on modern-day TVs, I found myself confronting a problem that I’d tried so hard to run from so many times before: I didn’t have a good way to play retro games on my TV.

That isn’t to say I’m for want of systems, by any means – at this point I own god knows how many Famiclones for various purposes and needs, and I’ve recently started investing heavily in Everdrives and flash carts to make sure I’ve always got whatever games I need right at hand.

But…they just never looked that great. My current (and probable future) living situation is fairly prohibitive of me owning a CRT television, or at least one worth any kind of shit. Plugging a non-HD system directly into an HDTV will never not look like pure ass, and while there are a few clone systems out there that offer HDMI output they come with their own unique problems.

So I researched my options and finally did the thing I tried to stop myself doing so many times before: I bought a video upscaler.

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Rent A Hero’s English Translation: You Stepped In A Pile Of DOO DOO!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Alright everybody, new year, new me, same old Videotron! LET’S DO THIS!

Show of hands: anyone recognize the name Rent A Hero? Sega fans might, and/or anyone obsessed with importing Japanese releases back in those wonderful halcyon days of the Dreamcast, but otherwise no. And please don’t feel bad about that.

We’ve been constantly denied Rent A Hero releases; the first game (released on the Genesis) never made it our way, and when the second one was released for the Dreamcast and later ported to the original Xbox, there were plans for an American release…that were promptly shut down and discarded. So to stem the rising tides of “not having Rent A Hero ever in America”, an intrepid fan translator named Paul Jensen began work on a patch for the original Genesis release, in hopes that maybe one day more than five Americans (including the allegedly sent-to-magazines review copies of the Xbox port) could play a Rent A Hero game.

In keeping with perfect Rent A Hero tradition, real life interfered and he had to abandon work on the project. Not that I blame him.

But guess what? Someone out there on the internet calling themselves “NikcDC” picked up the completed text and finished it for release! For the first time, totally in English, there was a playable Rent A Hero game!

I bet you’re now asking “Well that all seems fine, but what is it and should I bother playing it?” The answer? Uhhhhhhh…it’s complicated, and maybe.


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