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Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Alright, so I wanna start this by apologizing for not posting a Halloween-themed post. I wanted to, I really did; Halloween is my favorite season, and as far as I’m concerned the year is basically over with afterwards. But I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t super derivative, painfully generalized, or both, so I figured it better to just not bother.

And thank god, because that frees up time and space to subject you all to my opinions on Weezer’s new album!



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Saturday, September 6th, 2014

I’m not gonna pretend like I am alone in the slightest for this, but I’m really bad with/great at linking albums to time periods. I can’t listen to “Original Prankster” without flashing back to the day I downloaded it on Napster, which happened to be Super Bowl Sunday 2001. If I hear an Ozma song and it’s not super warm and/or rainy out, it feels weird to me and I’m not as into it.

Accordingly, I, and I’m certain many of you, try to limit my new music to the less shitty months of the year (which, living in Michigan, is about two of them) so I can link them mentally to doing fun stuff and enjoying the weather and not hunkering down and hating life. This year’s harvest was especially¬†bountiful, so I’ve decided to share them with you in the hopes of providing enlightenment – complete with legally grey clips where applicable!

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