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A Good Time to Buy a Robot: Transformers Masterpiece Figures

Monday, March 24th, 2014

I’ve always liked Transformers as a thing, even if I haven’t always collected them. My need for plastic robots that are also other things has kind of waxed and waned through the years. Sometimes I need to own every damn toy from a particular line, other times I’ll just kind of hang back and grab the occasional one if they look cool – and if they turn into animals I’ll probably sit the whole thing out. But lately I’ve found myself with more grown-up finances and a strong need to spend my money on fucking something, and I’m running out of Genesis and Saturn games I need. So I decided to check in on whatever Transformers I may have missed from the last few years, especially the pricier adult-focused (non-sexually) Masterpiece line.

And in the interest of remaining a giant manbaby, I am so goddamn glad I did.

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Nice Working With You, Spengler

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

I won’t act like I don’t get down about celebrity deaths now and again. As a kid I cried when I watched a documentary about Freddie Mercury passing away, I got pretty sad about Steve Irwin for some reason, and I thought Heath Ledger’s passing was a big damn shame. But even still, in all those cases they still struck me as far-away people whom I never would have met anyway and whose passing wouldn’t affect me on a personal level too much. I would feel like that about really any celebrity death since, even Leslie Nielson’s.

That was before one of the Ghostbusters died.

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